Tingatinga on Safari : Vanløse

Bicycle enamel on canvas

From Tanzania to Vanløse, paintings by a new generation of Tingatinga artists.

Tingatinga on Safari - bicycle enamel on canvas is the title of the exhibition, which is the second exhibition of Tingatinga paintings in Denmark. The first exhibition took place in 1974 at the National Museum in Copenhagen. Tingatinga paintings have previously been shown in London, Glasgow and Paris.

Most of the Tingatinga artists live and work in Dar Es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania and belong to a new generation of Tingatinga painters who have carried forward the characteristic style of Eduardo Tingatinga, the founder of the naive and colourful painting style.

Eduardo Tingatinga's motifs were, primarily, the 'big five' African animals, as well as village life. Eduardo Tingatinga painted on 60x60cm hardboard and used bicycle enamel to paint his colourful works, a tradition which has lived on. He was died from a stray bullet in 1972.

In the thirty years that have passed since the Tingatinga style came into existence a new generation of painters have developed the style further. The most marked differences being the number of animals on each painting as well as an explosion of detail. New motifs have also found their way into the paintings; narratives of village life, evil spirits, tropical fish and flowers as well as the landscapes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Enamel paint is still used, but the hardboard has been substituted with canvas.

Tingatinga paintings are bright and playful composition that celebrate moments of happiness, conveying the lightness and joy of African beauty.

Poster for Tingatinga on Safari Vanløse 2006

Dates & Locations

Vanløse Kulturhus

5th - 31st October 2007

Vanløse Kulturhus
1st Floor
Frode Jakobsens Plads 4
2720 Vanløse, Copenhagen