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Since 2005 thorupART has organised exhibitions of contemporary African art, and we love it. It's hard work seeking out artists across the African continent, from urban artists in bustling cities to remote studios at the end of dusty village roads, but the reward is to meet the many talented and kind artist and have the opportunity to share that with many more people through exhibitions and artists visits. 

Our exhibitions are our core business; they are visible and easy to explain, but behind the scenes a lot more goes on. Our mission is not only to give audiences a unique experience, but also to support artists in their practise and we offer services, which contribute to this.

On the following pages you can read more about our Exhibition & Curating service should you be interested in showing  African contemporary art or perhaps just in reproducing one of the artists' images. You can also read about our Capacity Building service specifically relevant for Aid organisations who wish to support the strenghtening of skills and knowledge of local artists. 

We are always involved in new projects that take on many forms, so if you have a query or an idea then contact us at info@thorupart.com.

Tine in Bukina Faso
International Curation Service (Tine in Bukina Faso)

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