Our Vision & Mission

We aspire to make contemporary African art a recognised, prized and integral part of the international art scene.

Our mission is to

  • make available the very best contemporary African art to the public in the West through exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and art books - we want visitors to have a great experience of contemporary African art
  • showcase African contemporary art as being on a par with other international contemporary art and through this influence the general perception of Africa
  • support contemporary African artists in their practices by providing exposure and access to other cultures, markets and knowledge
  • make contemporary African art accessible and affordable to a wider audience who do not normally frequent art galleries and exhibitions
  • enrich the public as well as art critic debate on African contemporary art
Traditional Medicine (Mganga) by Mpata
Traditional Medicine (Mganga), C.1978 by S.G.Mpata

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Hanne Thorup
Gl. Skovvej 8
3060 Espergærde

tel. +45 51 90 00 31
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