Land of Culture

Contemporary art from Burkina Faso

Land of Culture - Contemporary art from Burkina Faso is the first exhibition in Danmark by the artists Christophe Sawadogo and Fernand Sawadogo whom have exhibibited in Paris and Bruxelles. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to experience paintings and drawings from a different world.

Christophe Sawadogo's paintings are filled with phantoms and translucent, blurred figures which float in the air. His paintings portray images of haze and dryness through a conscious use of colours like ochre, umbra and sienna.

Fernand Sawadogo's work focuses especially on women, whom he studies for their beauty and refinement as well as for their strength and courage, placed as they are in a society, which barely recognises women’s rights.

The exhibition is the second show of contemporary African art, which Galerie Thorup has organised. The exhibition is in collaboration with Else Trærup, The Kologh Naba Foundation, Ouagadougou, and is sponsored by the Danish Center for Culture and Development.

The exhibition is a touring exhibition starting off in Vanløse Kulturhus, Frode Jakobsens Plads 4 (in close proximity to Vanløse Station) open from 18th - 30th April. Thereafter the exhibition moves to Kulturhus Gimle in Føllenslev, where it will be on show from 3rd -19th May.

On the opening and closing night at Gimle there will be LIVE MUSIC at 8.30pm. Entrance fee for the concerts is 100 kr. It is also possible to join in the pre-concert dinner at 7pm for 80 kr. Please make reservations for both at

Friday 5th May 8.30pm Trio Svansk -Swedish Spanish mix

Friday 19th May 8.30pm ORQUESTA TIPÍCA IMPERIAL Tango directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina

The next exhibition planned by Galerie Thorup is Cross Africa - Contemporary art from East and West Africa.

Poster for Land of Culture exhibition 2006

Dates & Locations

Land of Culture tour


18th - 30th April 2006
Vanløse Kulturhus
Frode Jakobsens Plads 4
2720 Vanløse
Copenhagen, Denmark


3rd - 19th May 2006
Kulturhus Gimle
Gl. Stationsvej 12
4591 Føllenslev

Malmö, Sweden

9th - 25th June 2006
Malmö, Sweden


Christophe Sawadogo, Bukina Faso
Fernand Sawadogo, Bukina Faso


Danish Center for Culture and Development