Imprints of Africa

Africa has been the inspiration of many artists in the western world, but few are aware that a flourishing artistic practice exists in many African countries today. Many of these artists have a unique ability to make visual both a contemporary and traditional Africa.

The exhibition Imprints of Africa is an exhibition of paintings by the Ghanaian artist Gabriel Eklou and is a unique opportunity to see African contemporary art at its best.

Gabriel Eklou’s canvases are characterised by a strong sense of composition and a dynamic use of colour. Eklou’s colours range from strong bold colours to a combination of muted soft and pale colours and underlines the dialectic between the everyday Africa and that of the traditional, symbolic Africa that is present in the paintings’ imagery. Elongated figures, symbolic landscapes and traditional symbols of African culture create a series of tales and visual narrations that at times become almost dream-like and speak of the interaction between the real and the believed.

The exhibition is open daily 10am-5pm from 16th-26th October in Ordrup Sognegård, Henrik Hertz Vej 1, 2920 Charlottenlund. Ordrup Sognegård is adjacent to Ordrup Church on Fredensvej. The nearest S-train stations are Ordrup and Charlottenlund.

Imprints of Africa is organised by Hanne Thorup and curated by Tine Thorup and is the first in a series of exhibitions intending to bring contemporary art from the developing world to different and varying locations in Europe.

Poster for Imprints of Africa exhibition 2005

Dates & Locations

16th - 26th October 2005

Ordrup Sognegård
Henrik Hertzvej 1
2920 Charlottenlund
Copenhagen, Denmark


Gabriel Eklou, Ghana


Danish Center for Culture and Development

Special thanks

Ordrup Menighedsråd for making available the exhibition space.