African Expression Exhibition
African Expression

Past Exhibitions

Cross Africa 2016 Exhibition
Cross Africa 2016
Tingatinga from Craft to Art
Tingatinga Craft to Art
Power & Rights Exhibition 2013
Power & Rights 2013
Tingatinga 2012 Exhibition
Tingatinga 2012
Power & Rights Exhibition
Power & Rights
Tingatinga Dar es Salaam Exhibition
Tingatinga Dar es Salaam
Tingatinga 2010 Exhibition
Tingatinga 2010
Africa Now Exhibition
Africa Now
Cross Africa Exhibition
Cross Africa
Tingatinga on Safari Vanløse Exhibition
Tingatinga on Safari '07
Tingatinga on Safari Kosør Exhibition
Tingatinga on Safari '06
Land of Culture Exhibition
Land of Culture
Imprints of Africa Exhibition
Imprints of Africa