Cross Africa 2016

The exhibition Cross Africa 2016 showcases contemporary talent from acorss Africa, from East Africa to West Africa. The works shown are amongst others centred around the Global Goal for Sustainable Development and focus on issures such as migration and refugees, climate change, gender equality, economic growth and not least good governance. 

Three of the participanting artists will visit Copenhagen between 28th of May - 2nd of June in connection with the exhibition providing an oportunity to not only for Danes to meet the artists, but also for the artists to come together across a continent.

The exhibition is a collaboration between thorupART and Roskile Art Association.



Abushariaa from Sudan fled the country when the military took over in the early 1990s. The Regime banned writers and artists to express themselves or express concern about the 20-year long war in Southern Sudan or the genocide of the Nubian people. In his own characteristic style Abushariaa shows us his deep concern over the human tragedy in Darfur, but also his longing for his homeland.


Bertiers from Kenya is very concerned with social, political and economic issues in Kenya and abroad, and his paintings of celebrities, national and global events are characterised by his sharp wit and humour. His penchant for news and international events has been a source of inspiration for his painting. Even before he had travelled outside Kenya - national and international events from newspapers, TV and radio were dealt with by his witty brush. The fools, charlatans, lovers, and politicians that make up Bertiers’ work all speak of his witty perception and portray a social commentary that can be recognised by all.

Christophe Sawadogo

Sawadogo’s paintings are filled with phantoms and translucent figures, which float in the air as a heat shimmer. His paintings often portrays a warm haze and dryness through a conscious use of colours like ochre, umbra and sienna and his intricate watercolours speak of people, culture and refinement. He paints with inks, acrylics and natural pigments, bought from local women who make a living by selling earth and stones to contractors and builders. Buying his pigments from these women is one way in which he feels he can contribute to the fight against poverty at the local level. Sawadogo has an uncanny ability to portray the beauty of Africa without making it trivial. Through his unique style he presents viewers with richness and grace that is often overlooked in the stories told about Africa. 

Gabriel Eklou

Gabriel Eklou’s canvases are characterised by a strong sense of composition and a dynamic use of colour. Eklou’s colours range from strong bold colours to a combination of muted soft and pale colours and underlines the dialectic between the everyday Africa and that of the traditional, symbolic Africa that is present in the paintings’ imagery. Elongated figures, symbolic landscapes and traditional symbols of African culture create a series of tales and visual narrations that at times become almost dream-like and speak of the interaction between the real and the believed.

Michael Soi

Michael Soi is a Nairobi based artist whose pieces provide a personal reflection and satirical His work is a form of social commentary addressing issues that affect the daily lives of all Kenyans, narratives of corruption, politics, industry and prostitution. “A cat has a lot in common with a politician. When it’s hungry it’ll come and rub up against you, and then the rest of the day it just sits there” says Michael Soi. ( Blog)


The exhibition showcases the cheeky, humorous and colourful contemporary Tingatinga paintings that move between colorful kitsch and captivating art. Tingatinga not only presents a modern African painting style, but also challenges the boundary between tourist art and genuine talent. The Tingatinga style and the contemporary Tingatinga painters challenge the notion of art as a unique piece of work. Here paintings are mass-produced, copied, re-engineered to provide livelihoods for hundreds of painters and still the artistic level prevails. 

Source : Sjællandske Medier : photos ©Hans-Jørgen Johansen. 

Cross Africa 2016 exhibition
'Deutsch Visa' by Michael Soi


Ahmed Abushariaa, Sudan
"Bertiers", Kenya
Christophe Sawadogo, Burkina Faso
Gabriel Eklou, Ghana
Michael Soi, Kenya
Tingatinga painters, Tanzania

2016 Dates & Locations

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28th May- 26th June : Roskilde
Roskilde Kunstforening, Palæfløjen 3C, Stændertorvet, 4000 Roskilde


Roskilde Art Association