Capacity Building

We offer capacity building for artists and art organisations. This service is specifically aimed at visual artists or art organisations that wish to enhance their skills or knowledge and at aid organisations that wish to support capacity building amongst artists and art organisations. Projects can be designed according to the policy of a donor organisation.

Through our work with African artist we have come to understand some of the challenges that artists face. We endevour to give African artists access to knowledge and skills, enable them to pursue their careers both locally and on the global art scene.

Building capacity for individuals

  • IT skills: Just like anywhere else skills and use of IT varies amongst artists. We understand the limitations that powercuts and slow connections impose on artist in Africa, but also the necessity of artists having IT skills in order to be heard internationally. We therefore offer tailor made course to suit the situation and skill level.
  • Understanding customers - bridging the gap between cultures: Most African artists can expect that most sales that they make will primarily be to foreign buyers. We assist artists in gaining insight into the values and expectations of buyers from the west.
  • Exploring possibilities: Just like we might not know of trends and organisations in African countries or in indeed in other sectors, so African artists sometimes find themselves isolated from information on possiblities. We assist artists in exploring new possibilities i.e. for exhibitions or artists' residencies.

Building capacity in arts administration

  • Advancing reach and range: We work with organistions helping explore options for marketing and fundraising, merchandising, and community projects
  • How to put up an exhibiton: Sometimes oportunities to put on exhibitions in many African countries can be scarce, so many artists have little knowledge of selecting and hanging an exhibition. We assist with knowledge of exhibition set up suited to different venues and situations.
  • Quality control - why it matters: Different cultures place importance on different things. Understanding what an organisation can do to meet those expectations can mean increased success with visitors and customers.

Building capacity for organisational development

  • Developing the organisation: We help organisations look at their organisational sturcture and what they might do to improve it, such as establish an organizational guide, develop a vision and strategy, and acquire skills and resources.
  • Study tours - what are others doing: Seeing how things are done elsewhere can be an inspiration by making visible short-comings as well as assets and we work with this as a way to spur both individual and institutional innovation and knowledge.
Study tour to Nairobi
We took 5 Tingatinga painters from Dar on a study tour to Nairobi as a capacity building activity funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam

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