Africa Now

Contemporary Art from Africa 2008 - 2009

More than 30 African artists will exhibit their works in Rundetaarn from June 1 – August 3

The exhibition AFRICA/NOW showcases new, exciting and different art from Africa. African artists will exhibit paintings, photographs and sculptures where humour, beauty and insight present us with a fresh picture of Africa.

Africa and the global community

Africa is entering a new era of interconnection with the global community. African artists are in the midst of this, establishing a unique and contemporary artist identity, which cuts across borders, media and forms of expression to portray the continent’s versatility.

A versatile expression

The exhibition is a taste of the African artist identity and brings together a wide range of contemporary art from the continent. There is no room for impressionist imitations, conceptual art or airport art when these artists set brush to canvas. The artistic expression ranges from gentle and aesthetic to raw, political and social and is as varied as the countries making up the continent.

Africa has something to say

The works come together to present a picture of Africa with self insight and a message that emphasises the communal rather than the individual. The African artists are making work of international standard and are claiming a place for Africa not only within contemporary art but also within art history.

The artists are from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria and Ghana.

The exhibition is a collaboration between thorupART in Denmark, NordNorsk Kunstcenter in Norway and Tampere Art Museum in Finland. The exhibition will be shown in Grenaa in August in connection with the World Music and Culture Festival and thereafter move to Norway and Finland.

Sponsors: Danish Centre for Culture and Development, Nordic Culture Fund, Danish firms Cimbria, Emidan, Semcomaritime, Niras and Toms as well as several private individuals.


Achille Zoungrana Burkina Faso
Ahmed Abushariaa Sudan
Bertiers Kenya
CFP students Mali
Ange Kumbi DR Congo
Chikawe Tanzania
Christophe Sawadogo Burkina Faso
David Mzuguno Tanzania
Do Bassolet Burkina Faso
Elias Jengo Tanzania
Felix Oburu Uganda
Gabriel Eklou Ghana
Hamed Ouattara Burkina Faso
Herbert Bakka Uganda
Humberto Pateguana Mozambique
Joseph Cartoon Kenya
Kofi Agorsor Ghana
Kudzanai Chiurai Zimbabwe
Lewis Tanzania

Malangatana Mozambique
Malick Touré Mali
Mathe Mozambique
Mohammed Mambo Tanzania
Nadir Tharani Tanzania
Omary Ally Tanzania
Salifoura Burkina Faso
Sambo Boly Burkina Faso
Sayuki Tanzania
Sira Sissoko Mali
Ky Siriki Burkina Faso
Stephen Mubiita Uganda
Taofic Nigeria
Thierno Diallo Mali
Thobias Minzi Tanzania
Victoria Ntomola Tanzania
Vivien Tapsoba Burkina Faso
Yaya Coulibali Mali
Youssouf Sogodogo Mali

Poster Africa Now exhibition


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Taiteen ovet avautuvat etelään | | 04/07/2008 (Finnish - Suomi)
Tingatingaa ja maalattuja kissoja | | 10/01/2009 (Finnish - Suomi)

Exhibition Catalogue

Africa Now Exhibition Catalogue
The Africa Now Catalogue

Dates & Locations

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google location1st June - 3rd August 2008
Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)
Købmagergade 52A
1150 Copenhagen, Denmark

google location22nd August - 13th September 2008
Baunhøj Mølle & Kulturhuset Pavillonen
Grenaa, Denmark


google location18th October - 16th November 2008
Kunstkvarteret, Lofoten & Bodø, Norway


google location5th December 2008 - 15th February 2009
Tampere Art Museum, Finland


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